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Your Virtual Right Hand's services can be your business's lifeline to efficiency!  We strive to offer the very highest quality possible.  Whether you're looking for basic business services, a superb Web Presence, or an interactive form, we're here to meet each and every one of those needs.

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At Your Virtual Right Hand we endeavor to be as accommodating as we can be.  If you require a service that you don't see on the list don't hesitate to bring it to our attention so that we can add it!

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Website Services

  • Website Design and Development

    Your Virtual Right Hand has a long and proud history of website development. Teamed with our sister company, Website Development Experts, there's not much in the world of website development that we can't handle. We offer superior quality professional website design, creation and maintenance services at a very reasonable and affordable cost.  We coordinate with you or your staff to establish the details concerning your website needs and we will provide a customized, free consultation and price quote to you.  Request your free consultation today and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable our custom designed websites are.

    In today's competative online world, you can't expect the grab your customer's attention without the design, features, and functionality that projects those qualities that make you shine! That can only happen with a design that uses just the right balance of technologies. Your Virtual Right Hand pledges to provide you with professional, affordable website design and maintenance.  We specialize in providing website design and maintenance for small to medium sized businesses, organizations and individuals that are competitively priced.  Request your free, no obligation website design and/or maintenance consultation and price quote today!

  • SEO

    Congratulations!  Now you have a company web site.  It looks great!  It has just the right amount of bells and whistles and it's the perfect representation you want for your company.  But how can you be sure anyone's going to see it?

    In most cases, when someone does an online search they never look past the 1st or 2nd page of the search results before they try a new search or just give up.  That's where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in.  SEO is the technology of using a combination of code and content in your website design which stands up to be noticed by search engines.  One reason that so many sites never even reach a page 10 ranking, let alone page 1, may be as basic as a lack of attention to up-to-date SEO methods.

    SEO methodologies have changed over the years and are continually changing.  Even though some older methods still work to a limited degree on certain types of search engines they don't get you onto the first pages of most searches.  Our web development team has changed with the times and are specialists at organic SEO.

  • SMO

    Once you get your website's SEO in order, it's time to take a look at your website's Social Media Optimization (SMO).  If you are a Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter user, or you belong to any other social networking site, you may already be using SMO to promote your website.  If not, don't worry, Your Virtual Right Hand is here to lend a helping hand.  SMO is a great on-line marketing tool.  If you let Your Virtual Right Hand's SMO experts use it for you, SMO can drive an immense amount of targeted traffic to your website.

    It's true, people still buy their services and goods from people that they know and trust.  Through the use of SMO, Your Virtual Right Hand can draw attention to your business and effectively promote your products and services.  In fact, you'll find that SMO is an essential and affordable tool in your website marketing plan.  Your Virtual Right Hand's SMO experts can help you to get targeted followers on various social network sites.  Then, once you have engaged these followers, it is an easy thing to pique their interest and present them with your products or services!

  • SEO/SMO Maintenance packages

    It's important to have proper SEO and SMO performed on your website BUT SEO and SMO are dynamic.  That means that what search engines look for to bring your website to the top of their rankings is always changing.  Once you have our professional SEO and SMO service performed and you see the great results in your website rankings, you'll want to stay there.  That means that your website needs to be periodically checked and updated to match the latest search engine parameters.

    Your Virtual Right Hand has a number of SEO/SMO maintenance packages available.  There's one to meet your business's needs.  You can choose from The Starter Monthly Package, The Basic Monthly Package, The Standard Monthly Package, The Premium Monthly Package, or The Checkup/Fine Tune Package.  Contact us for details to find out which package is right for you.

  • Update, enhance, or repair existing website

    Your website never looked as good as it will after we give it a professional remodeling and facelift!!  We will use what you currently have at your website to create a superior, high quality, professionally remodeled website that includes the newest scripting, animation, coding, graphics and Styles.  Everything that we do to enhance your website is guaranteed to be compatible with most web browsers.

    Just give us the URL to your current website and we will provide you with a customized, free consultation that details the remodeling and facelift recommendations that Your Virtual Right Hand has for you.  Your existing clients will find your newly remodeled website to be more graphically appealing and user friendly.  New customers will be attracted to your website, which could result in increased sales/inquiries for you.   Request your free, no obligation website remodeling/facelift consultation and price quote today!

  • Write or edit content

    Want to launch a new website or give sparkle and polish to your tired web content?  The website content that we create/edit will be geared toward engaging your reader to compel them to take action.  Your Virtual Right Hand is dedicated to producing quality, affordable website content.

    Professionalism and quality are our passion and we will settle for nothing less.  Request your free website content consultation today.   Once you give our website content and editing services a try, you will learn first-hand how we got the name, "Your Virtual Right Hand"!

  • Create your blog

    Whether you want a full website that centers around your blog, want a blog added to a website we design for you, or want a blog added to your existing site, Your Virtual Right Hand can make it happen.  Blogs are not only great for businesses to interact with their customers, they're a great way for anyone to tell the world their views and read feedback.  Your Virtual Right Hand can get your blog up and running for you and provide easy to follow instructions for you to use it.

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Business Services

  • Digital presentations

    You know exactly what you want to say in your upcoming presentation.  You've got all your facts straight and all of your ducks in a row.  The question is, are you simply going to speak or are you going to PRESENT?  A cool graphical presentation can really drive home your point.  Let your audience see, not just hear the profound results of your work.  At Your Virtual Right Hand we have years of experience organizing data and coupling that data with just the right video or graphic into a prize winning Video or Power Point presentation.

  • Logos

    Your Virtual Right Hand has created some great logos.  Whether you're a start up business looking for a great way to present yourself or an established company whose image seems to be stuck in the past, we can help.  Your logo is one of the first things that people see and you want it to make a positive statement about who you are.  Our staff will work with you to find just the right image and then we'll put that image in print. Once you approve the final draft, you'll receive a PDF of your logo along with three graphics of varying sizes for you to use in your advertising, your letterheads, and your website.

  • Online research

    Online research is a common need in business today but it can be tedious.  We do online research everyday but, of course, it takes time...time that could be better used performing the duties that help your business grow.  You might need to do research to gather information on other businesses or business contacts in your industry, to find similar products to one you're considering taking to market, to find out what you can about an employment applicant.  Rather than using up your precious time performing these typs of tasks, why not use your time doing what you do best and let us handle the research?  After all, that's what we're here for.

  • Develop custom spreadsheets

    Spreadsheets have always been a great accounting tool but they're also a great tool for tracking anything that you need to find a trend for. They can be used for tracking progress on a project, time taken to perform repetitive tasks, even miles driven throughout a particular period.  Sometimes the only thing keeping us from using this great tool is getting it set up just the way you want it.  Let us know what you need and we'll provide just the right spreadsheet for your purposes.

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Documentation Services

  • Develop user guides/instructions

    Your Virtual Right Hand has staff with backgrounds in Technology, IT, and Electronics with an understanding of what a technical document should be.  We can also break down complex, difficult to understand instructions and "translate" them into instructions that a layperson can understand.

  • Create interactive PDF forms

    Write-in forms are a big part of business life.  PDF's are frequently used so it makes good business sense to have a form that can be filled in right on your computer rather than needing to go through the hassle of printing the form, filling it out, and, if an e-copy is needed, scanning it in.   At Your Virtual Right Hand we don't simply create fields on the form and send it back to you.  We can make those fields as interactive as necessary.

    Do you need a PDF that can be saved to your system?  Do you need one where the fields calculate totals and taxes?  Maybe you need nested drop down menus whose selection determines further content?  Well, we can do that for you!

  • Document proofing

    Have you ever put together a document and submitted it to your client only to become embarrassed to find that you left typos within the text.   You know you reread it but somehow you missed some embarrassing errors.  Many times all you needed was a separate set of eye.  Someone who hasn't seen the document and who has no preconceived ideas about what it "should" say.  We can be that second set of eyes.

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Technology Services

  • Access Database creation and support

    Microsoft Access is a great, and quite versatile Database Management Solution (DBMS) and can be a great asset to your company's data handling needs.  With the right design and the use of VBA (Visual Basic Application) programming, Your Virtual Right Hand can provide you with a database that meets all of your needs but still remains easy for you and your staff to use.

    If you already have an Access Database Solution that no longer services your needs, we can analyze it to determine what is necessary to bring it up to date, or simply make it easier to use by adding a new user interface.

  • Video Tutorials

    There's no better way to teach your customers, clients, and staff how to use your products than sitting with them and walking them through it, step by step. Unfortunately, you simply can't do that for everyone. Or can you?

    A video tutorial will allow you to do just that. Of course, producing a video can be a long and tedious process, with dubbing and so many retakes that you'll begin to see it in your dreams. Not to worry, it can be easier than you think. Simply furnish us with clear pictures of each step and a basic outline and we'll create a tutorial that anyone can follow.

  • Virtual Tours

    Virtual Tours are a great way to show off a space and give the viewer a feel that they're actually there.

    If you're a realtor then you understand what a valuable tool this is. Your Virtual Right Hand can create and host your tour. Simply provide us with the pictures that you want to highlight and we'll turn it into a wonderful tour that will give shoppers the feeling that they've really gotten to know your homes.

    Of course, there are other reasons you might want to create a virtual tour. You can give your clients a tour of your office, where they can "meet" the people they've gotten to know. The ultimate personal touch!

  • One-off software solutions

    You have software solutions that you use everyday to perform the tasks that you need done.  However, sometimes you find a need for a piece of software that you simply can t find.  In many cases Your Virtual Right Hand can create just the right solution for you, whether it's a database front end, a program to perform data lookup from a specific table, or a desktop solution to perform conversions from one type of data to another.  Tell us what you need and we'll deliver a solution.

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Personal Services

  • Create Winning Resumes

    In these hard times, a resume has to be more than just a piece of paper.  If it doesn't convey exactly what a potential employer wants to see, you probably won't even get a phone call, let alone an interview.  What you need is a meticulously written and formatted resume that has the big four qualities.  It has to look great and be eye-catching, it has to show that you are an asset to your new employer, it has to be easy to modify so that you can target it to whatever position you're interested in, and it has to be able to get through the electronic search bots whose job it is to knock you out of the running.  This is the resume that Your Virtual Right Hand can build for you!

    A resume will only take you so far by itself.  If it's accompanied by our professionally written cover letters, you almost can't help but get your foot in the door.

  • Design and develop a personal website

    Today, a website isn't just for businesses.  There are an ever growing number of people who want to tell the world about themselves, share who they are, what they enjoy.  A personal website can be a means of meeting people, introducing yourself to a perspective employer, or just showing off what makes you tick.  Whatever you want people to know about you, can be build by Your Virtual Right Hand

    Of course, a personal website can be a lot more than just presenting yourself in a personal way. It can also be a great professional asset. Use your personal website to highlight your professioal credentitals as well! You can have a portfolio page attached to you personal website. Or why not go all the way? Let Your Virtual Right Hand create your portfolio website for you.

  • Create your personal blog

    Everyone today has something on their mind.  Wouldn't it be frustrating if you didn't have a way to shout it from the rooftops?  Well, there is a way!  Let Your Virtual Right Hand build your personal web blog!  Tell everyone your point of view and hear their feedback.

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